BIG year for Tiny Trucks!

Wow. I can’t believe that I promised to write more back in September, and here it is January. I am a failure at writing, but a success at breathing in and out. Hooray!

Many trucks have happened, and many videos as well. Here’s all the latest in one post.

I was busy. Axial has taken notice of my vids and has started sending me stuff to evaluate and build. Then of course, make videos. Quite fun, and I’m happy to be associated with them for what I think is going to be a big year for tiny trucks. That’s a pretty good line, I think I’ll use that again.

We’re back! And making turks again.

Phew, it seemed like I was gone for a long time. Too long. I’m still building trucks, and still doing secret builds I’m not allowed to talk about. Currently, there’s been some neat things being built.

I did this little guy for a build-off on the SBG. Happy to say that it looks just like a Volkswagen Iltis. Good thing that’s what I was going for.


It’s built on the Vaterra Kemora base and a completely scratch built body. I liked the strange lines of this guy. Got a video done as well:


Sadly, that little tumble at the end was much worse than it looked. It fell around six feet into a pile of rocks. Time for a rebuild!

Scale Builder’s Guild – Now a division of Cwalring Digest



Well isn’t that swell? I just took ownership of the finest forum around for our tiny truck obsession. It’s easily the best place on the web for all your needs. Great members, helpful advice, tons of how-to’s, some of the best builder’s on the planet – all in a very easy to navigate forum. What more could you ask for?

As I learn the ins and outs of forum ownership, expect big changes over the coming months. My goal is to make it the #1 destination for our hobby.

America – Home of the Land.

I went to America this past weekend to play tiny trucks with a very good friend, Creepy Uncle Albert. Follow him on Facebook, he’s just great. Not at all creepy.

The scenery in this place is incredible. So varied, even over short distances between the terrain.

You’ll also notice we had a tea party. Wheeling is hard work. In a upcoming post, I’ll share some of my photography tricks for getting as much realism out of your tiny trucks as possible.


IMG_7358 IMG_7355 IMG_7349 IMG_7340 IMG_7331 IMG_7328 IMG_7315 IMG_7309 IMG_7303 IMG_7300 IMG_7294 IMG_7289 IMG_7287 IMG_7256 IMG_7219 IMG_7209 IMG_7202 IMG_7195

I made a Gelande II.

Here’s the latest from RC4WD, the Gelande II.

Mine’s been hopped up a few different ways from Sunday, but all in the cosmetic ways. It doesn’t matter, out of the box, this is a great kit. Works great, looks great. Such a huge improvement over the original Gelande. Seriously, a totally different truck.

IMG_6969 (1)

Take a look at the underpinnings. It’s a beautiful chassis. Some familiar things from the TF2.



It comes with a four link rear, 3 link/panhard front setup, single speed transmission, realistic transfer case, the works. I set mine up with a Holmes Hobbies 35T motor I had lying around, a Sidewinder 2 and a Hitec waterproof servo. Plenty of go for me. Hey, check it out for yourself!